Sally Pacholok Small Budget, Big Award

This past February the screening of Sally Pacholok, was entered into the DC International Film Festival, I am proud to announce we won best feature!  This is the second DCIFF where the films I have production designed have won best feature! I have to say I love to be part of these independents that allow artists to come together and combine our ideas and creativity into the love of film making! This small budgeted film with big budget appeal is based on the book, Could It Be B-12.  The book which can be found on Amazon is about nurse, Sally Pacholok, who has advocated the vitamin and its amazing health attributes. The role of Sally is played by Annet Mahendru from The Americans on FX.  Annet was a pleasure to work with and showed amazing talent!  You can view the trailer or learn more about the movie here.

Angie Ratfliff of Filmcats with Sally Star Annet Mahendru

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