diversity dinner

For this one-set script and with a strict budget, I moved existing flats around to fit the desired space required.  By adding the header above the bar area allowed the set more depth.  The bar had been previously used as a buffet in a prior industrial project.  With some wallpaper, accent trim, and adding a recessed front for the neon and polished aluminum for the counter top, this turned out great!

The floor was a four-step paint application to mimic linoleum. I repainted the tables with a sponge and splatter treatment and selected a strong, playful color palette.  This space is a place to work, and to be used as the companies break room. 

Being an Industrial Training video, “The Diversity Diner” needed many fun elements to keep the attention of the viewers, this is sometimes hard to achieve! To add interest to the environment, I added the popcorn machine, the foosball machine, and neon.  The neon lights were also incorporated into the bar area to designate the different undertones of the subject matter in the script.