Diane Austin- Fitness Guru

Filmcats is currently prepping for a shoot with none other than Diane Austin! Many of us grew up working out with this fitness guru back in the late 80’s and 90’s.  I was personally a big fan and now I get to meet her and style her fitness look!  Diane Austin, will be demonstrating stretching techniques and how to stay limber!   Stay tune for the link to view the final cut in a few short weeks!   AARP , has many helpful resources to help us lead healthier happier lives.  To learn more check out, http://www.aarp.org

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with AARP as a stylist to these wonderful stars of “My Generation”, with Leeza Gibbons http://leezagibbons.com/media-gallery/professional/my-generation, and former news anchor , Lark McCarthy on“Inside E Street” http://www.insideestreet.com

Filmcats takes Health and Fitness seriously.  Especially as we age our bodies undergo changes about every five years.  The metabolism seems to slow down so its important to eat right, exercise, and stretch!

Since the 2017 New Year,  the weather has been unseasonably warm! While trying to stay fit in the new year, I am taking advantage of this incredible February weather and headed out for a run on the boardwalk!

For more about my home-base and favorite place to run, check out http://www.beachstreetusa.com.

The Sultan and The Saint

2016 is off to a great start for Filmcats!

  The first day of the New Year was off with a bang! I spent the first day of the year reading the first draft and  breaking down the script for my biggest Production Design accolade thus far!  This PBS Docu-Drama takes us back in time to the 13th Century!  This a touching story about two men at war that both want peace.

We will be in pre-production mode the first half of the year.  Finalizing principle of photography by April’s end.

Italian City Street

Italian City Street

This set was built in November when we began shooting the Documentary portion of the show

This set was built in November when we began shooting the Documentary portion of the show

Sally Pacholok Small Budget, Big Award

This past February the screening of Sally Pacholok, was entered into the DC International Film Festival, I am proud to announce we won best feature!  This is the second DCIFF where the films I have production designed have won best feature! I have to say I love to be part of these independents that allow artists to come together and combine our ideas and creativity into the love of film making! This small budgeted film with big budget appeal is based on the book, Could It Be B-12.  The book which can be found on Amazon is about nurse, Sally Pacholok, who has advocated the vitamin and its amazing health attributes. The role of Sally is played by Annet Mahendru from The Americans on FX.  Annet was a pleasure to work with and showed amazing talent!  You can view the trailer or learn more about the movie here.

Angie Ratfliff of Filmcats with Sally Star Annet Mahendru

Filmcats Does Florence

The film industry tends to slow down during the winter months. This gave me the opportunity to take advantage of some international traveling to brush up on some art history and culture!  Rome and Florence is perfect this time of year.  With weather in the 60’s, I had lots of opportunity to walk the city streets, visit churches, and take in historical landmarks.  What’s culture without taking in some shopping and gelato?  Leather may be on trend in the states, but Italy is the leather mecca of the world. Peruzzi leather has been around for generations.  I loved shopping here. While being fitted for a custom leather bomber,  the salesman says to me, “If it’s too long we tailor it just for you, we do all alterations on site and deliver to you same day.” “Prego”!

Custom Peruzzi Bomber

 “Hannibal” filmed in 2001 was shot on location in Florence and in my home state capital of Richmond, Virginia. I had a fantastic time walking the streets and seeing the locations featured in the film. I had the privledge to work on “Hannibal” as a set dresser when they were filming in Richmond. Being in Florence brought back many memories of being a part of this iconic film.  I even ate at the restaurant , “Quatrro Leoni” (Four Lions) that still has an article on Anthony Hopkins and the making of the movie, where he frequented while on location!

I can’t forget to give honorable mention of Michelangelo, seeing the Sistine Chapel in Rome also, was by far the most unforgettable moment on my trip!  They no longer allow cameras inside the chapel which was disappointing for me, but I am eternally grateful I got to see it.

Ming Dynasty Warrior Costume: Virginia Museum of Fine Art

I was asked to take on the challenge of replicating a Ming Dynasty Warrior Costume- I was delighted to take on this project for the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.

With the help of Costume maker, Carolyn Dillingham and prop maker, Bill English,we collaborated to immulate and recreate this authentic beautiful period costume for the launch of the Ming Dynasty Exhibit currently on display. Read more HERE

Sally B-12

 Production Designer of this independent film shot on location in various parts of Maryland. Sally B-12, IMDB, is a funny and educational film. This cute story will leave you informed on the healthy attributes of the vitamin B-12!


Sally and Dad’s Den







Art Director for print

Hired as the location scout and the Art director, I found the empty storefront to rent for the shoot.  Painted the walls, sourced the set dressing, had to design and oversee the build of the butcher block island.  The bread however was supplied by Panera!

dupont training solutions: industrial

Dupont Sustainable Solutions
As Art Director, the challenge is re-using set walls to configure the needs of the project and to design them to meet the criteria of the subject matter geared toward safety driven scripts. The color palate and over all design concept along with set dressing these working environments was my focus. I have done countless projects for this wonderful company and also work as the Wardrobe Stylists on some of the projects on occasion.

“Ethics Training” Conference Room Set

 This conference room set was on a sound stage.  The walls were moved into the desired configuration to simulate a conference room in a hotel environment.  The majority of this training video was in this one set, so I wanted to make it visually appealing to keep the attention of the audience.

 I felt by bringing outdoor elements inside it would create the feeling of openness.  By creating the tall panels it would add height to a small room.  By doing so, the tall trees would create interest and visual appeal.  I made all of the stencils and added the origami element of the birds to enhance the elements of nature.